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BC Women’s Hospital

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My Next Birth

South Community Birth Program

Apple Tree Maternity

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Childbirth Classes in Vancouver

Adar Birth Services
778-VIP-CARE (847-2273)
Aimée Sturley

Baby Prep™  Prenatal Sessions

Belly to Baby

The Birth Place

Birthing from Within
Sarah Juliusson

Lower Mainland Childbearing Society

Dancing Star Birth

Douglas College (North Vancouver & Richmond) 

Childbirth Classes in Cantonese (Richmond)

Childbirth Classes in Iranian/Persian
Mahin Khodabandeh 604.983.6859

Do Do Childbirth & Family Education Mandarin Classes

Healthiest Babies Possible
PDF 604-872-2511
Vietnamese, Spanish, and other languages

North Vancouver Health
English speaking clients call 604-983-6863
Persian speaking clients call 604-983-6859

Preparing for Parenting

St. Paul’s Hospital

Alternate Classes in the Lower Mainland:

This list may not contain all the prenatal classes available. There are many more but we may not know about them at this time. We will update this list once a year. If you would like to suggest an addition contact us.

Session 2


Meditations for Pregnancy, 4 short guided meditations created by Dr. Karen Buhler and Dr. Adrianne Ross at BC Women’s Hospital:  download these MP4s, use and share freely (Body Scan for Pregnancy, Lovingkindness Meditation, Mindfulneess Meditation, Healing Meditation):

Meditations for Pregnancy (external downloads)

About Meditation and How It Works:

Meditation Apps of 2018 reviewed by Healthlink (contains ads but this is a very good list and review)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses in Vancouver

Pregnancy & Birth
After Your Baby is Born
Anesthetist (Anesthesiologist)

A medical doctor who specializes in anesthesia or pain control. This type of doctor can place epidural catheters and give general anesthetics (put people to sleep).


British Columbia Women’s Hospital — also called Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia — is the largest maternity hospital in Western Canada. It is a teaching site for the University of British Columbia School of Medicine, and a referral centre for the province.

Caesarean Section

An operation in which the baby is born through a cut in the mother’s abdomen.


A person who counsels people how to eat well and what diet to follow for certain conditions.


A woman helper who provides physical and emotional support during childbirth. She may be a volunteer, friend, relative, or a trained professional.

Family Physician

A medical doctor with a broad spectrum of knowledge including women’s health, baby care, general medical problems, mental health issues, and links to community resources.


A professional who provides complete maternity care for women during pregnancy, labour, and birth, in hospital or at home.


A medical doctor with extra training in maternity care, including special surgical skills and interventions. Obstetricians usually care for women with complex pregnancies (for example, twins). They may be consulted at the request of the family doctor and added onto the care team to help decide on and perform certain interventions, such as Caesarian section.


The medical term for the care of women during pregnancy labour, and childbirth.


A medical doctor who specializes in caring for babies and children.

Postnatal or Postpartum

A period of six weeks after the baby is born.




A medical doctor who has completed medical school and is continuing their training in a particular specialty. BCWH has resident doctors in Anesthesia, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine. Residents have more experience than medical students but are always working under the direction of a fully licensed doctor in their field of study.


Vaginal Birth After Caesarean section. Most women who have had one Caesarean section will have a safe labour and vaginal birth in the next pregnancy. Labour after a Caesarian birth is called VBAC.


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